Newmarket Franchisee

Luan Latimer

Newmarket Franchisee

Luan runs classes in Newmarket and the surrounding villages. They all  feature brilliant Boogie Babes rhymes, dancing and fun and refreshments are provided at each session. 

Luan has four children and is a former childminder and cruise ship performer. In addition to her Boogie Babes classes, she can often be found singing at weddings across the country.

Her Boogie Babes Generations sessions take place in a care home, bringing together elderly residents and Under 5s in a mutually beneficial environment.

Luan also offers fantastic children’s parties at weekends featuring all your favourite Boogie Babes music and props. Click here for information about Newmarket Children’s Parties

To find out about Luan’s classes, you can email or call 07769 883506

Tuesdays at 11am

Exning Church Village Hall, Church Lane, CB8 7HF

Wednesdays at 10am

Kennett & Kentford Village Hall, Station Road, CB8 7QF

Fridays at 11am

Ellesmere Centre, Stetchworth, CB8 9TS

Fridays at 2.30pm 

Tesco Community Room, Newmarket, CB8 7AH

Contact Luan on 07769 883506 or by emailing